Khan Mongolia Equity Fund

The Khan Mongolia Equity Fund (KMEF) was structured and launched in October 2011 by Khan Investment Management Limited. The KMEF, incorporated in Cayman Islands, is one of the first open-ended Mongolia exposure vehicles, investing in companies with significant assets and operations in Mongolia that are listed internationally and on the Mongolian Stock Exchange, while opportunistically participating in Mongolia-related companies’ initial and secondary public offerings. Singapore-based Swiss-Asia Financial Services Pte Ltd. is appointed as the Investment Manager to the KMEF.

Khan Investment Management Limited is the Investment Adviser for the KMEF.

The KMEF is a stand-alone, gold-plated investment vehicle having engaged only top-tier international and Mongolian service providers. The KMEF is structured to provide comfort and familiarity to accredited investors, as well as security of assets and accountability of asset management, while offering broad liquid exposure to the emerging economy of Mongolia, which is poised to grow several fold within next decade.


Visit here for a full list of service providers and partners for the KMEF.